Monday, July 25, 2011

Most Americans don't have a Will

Are you the type that feels validated when you aren't doing something you know you should and you discover you're actually part of the majority? Like failing to floss daily or not exercising enough? If so, this short article from will probably be a good read for you. To summarize, most Americans do not have wills. Read my website or attend one of my seminars and you'll hear a dozen reasons why you should, but what the article highlights is just how awful people believe drafting a will to be. According to the article quoting a survey, one out of three respondents would rather do their taxes, get a root canal, or give up sex for a month instead of creating or updating a will!

Estate planning is only as difficult and complicated as you want it to be. Meeting with an estate planning attorney will lift the burden and ease the confusion of drafting a will and trust. I've explained in a prior post the steps a typical client follows in meeting with me. The process is smooth and I've never had a client disappointed with the outcome. So join the superior minority who have taken action and created their wills. I'm confident you'll be surprised at how stress-free the task really is.

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